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Pan-Cake Kidney - A rare variety of Cross Fused Ectopic Kidney

Pan-Cake Kidney - A rare variety of Cross Fused Ectopic Kidney - Type Congenital Anomaly. This Ultrasonography Video shows two kidneys fused across medial aspects giving the appearance of a rounded PanCake.
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Live Ascariasis in Gall Bladder - Moving Round Worms

Moving Live Round worms were seen on ultrasound performed on a 2 year old baby with vomiting and excessive crying. Multiple Floating Ascariasis infestation observed within the lumen of Gall Bladder - Watch this rare Video showing Moving Round Worms Video.
Worms were al demonstrated within intestinal lumen.
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Ascarioma - Intestinal Ascariasis causing Obstruction

A 5 year old female child presented to Ambedkar Medical College's Paediatric emergency with Severe Abdominal Pain and Vomiting.
On sonography the picture of extensive intestinal Ascariasis (round worm) infestation noted with multiple worms causing intestingal obstruction - so called classical ASCARIOMA (Medusa Head, Medusa Lock described on barium meal study).
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Appendicular Mucocele - Classical Onion Skin Sign - On Ultrasonography

Mucocele of Appendix in a 45 year old lady shows the  Classical Onion Skin Sign - On Ultrasonography. Ultrasound Aperistaltic anechoic /cystic sOL with layered internal echoes like onion skin or onion peels layering. The presence of an "onion sign" (sonographic layering within a cystic mass) is considered a highly suggestive feature. CT typically seen as a well-circumscribed, low-attenuation, spherical or tubular mass contiguous with the base of the caecum the finding of curvilinear mural calcification suggests the diagnosis, but is seen in less than 50% of cases - which was present in our case. intra-luminal bubbles of gas, or an air-fluid level within a mucocele suggest the presence of superinfection, which can occur in both benign and malignant mucocoeles Continue reading →

A Case of Complete Hydatidiform Mole

Young Primi aged about 20 years presented with bleeding PV at about 12 weeks at Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore.
Classical findings of a Heterogenous Uterine mass with vesicular / honey-comb pattern with no co-esisting fetal / embryonic components.
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